Workspace Permissions & User Access

Andy Binkley
February 19, 2024

Organization is important. Controlling access is even more important. With Tourial Workspaces, you can create designated areas for teams to access certain demos while restricting access to others. You can also ensure demos are not able to be edited by assigning the role of Viewer to users of Tourial.

How can you use Workspace Permissions?

  • Give access to your sales team with their own Private Workspace where they can only grab links, not edit demos.
  • Create a workspace for CS and support demos so you don't have to sift through all your top funnel, demand gen demos.
  • Create a workspace(s) for In Progress demos that are being worked on by your team.
  • Create a workspace for Archived demos used in previous campaigns.
  • Create a workspace for just about anything!

Check out the full interactive demo on Workspace Permissions here.

View the demo above in full screen here.

BONUS: Workspaces can include any demo format: Media (screenshots and videos), HTML and Demo Centers

How do I create a workspace and add users?

Check out this interactive support demo here for a quick, 30 second guided tour on how to create workspaces and add users.

View the demo above in full screen here.

For a more in-depth look into Workspaces, check out this video demo here (3:30).