Sonar increases outbound email response rates by 20% after including a Tourial

“Tourial allows us to put Sonar in the hands of our prospects before they ever talk with our sales team. It's a powerful tool to improve conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs, and it helps us go deeper in that first meeting so we better qualify opportunities and accelerate deal cycles.”
Christine Ladd
Head of Marketing


increase in outbound email response rates


increase in outbound email response rates





About Sonar

Sonar's mission is to help operations teams drive more revenue by providing a clear view of their tech stack and how it works. With the power of Change Intelligence, Sonar helps revenue-centric teams redesign processes without stress, make changes without risking reports, and release new automations faster than ever before.

The Challenge

Sonar has a very robust product meant for a highly technical target audience. Typically, their users do not prefer to schedule demos with salespeople to learn about a solution and would rather understand how the product works before taking meetings.

Why Tourial

Sonar needed a solution that told the full story of their product from the perspective of their users. They wanted it to provide an overview of their product that could speak to their technical audience and provide them with the information they wanted prior to a meeting.

The Results

20% increase in outbound email response rates

Sonar built an easy-to-follow product tour that allows website visitors to choose a product tour path based on a particular use case. They also began including a link to the Tourial in their outbound emails. Since then, they've experienced a significant increase in response rates.

How they did it


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