7 use cases for building demos with timed tools

Shonna Bairos
August 10, 2023

We’ve recently launched three new timed tools that you can use to automate steps within an interactive demo, or even build a fully automated demo that plays all the way through without clicking (yes, like a video). 

These timed tools include a tooltip, mouse cursor, and a typing effect that can be used on their own or in combination with each other. 

Adding timed tools to steps within interactive demos enables marketers to create more consistent and professional experiences, and helps researching buyers consume more product information without more effort.

Here are 7 ways you can use these timed tools in your product demos: 

1 - Website and landing pages

Provide better top of funnel experiences for visitors that land on your web pages. Add quick demo snippets to more pages (like a Platform page for example). Plus, you don’t have to require the viewer to click start every time — just set it to automatically start.

2 - Events and conferences

The auto restart (i.e. looping) capability allows for an ongoing display of demos for attendees to view when someone isn’t present at a booth, or even as they're "window shopping" and just want to get an idea of your solution.  

3 - Long (but important) workflows

For multi-step workflows, adding a combination of timed tooltips and mouse cursors allows you to showcase longer flows without causing additional click fatigue for the viewer. 

4 - Substitute for video

Since timed tools enable more professional demo experiences in terms of production quality and continuity, they can be a great substitute for video. And, timed steps can be easier to maintain compared to some video steps.

Instead of recreating a video, you can add timed tools to your screens and create a fluid experience. Now you can communicate more of your product’s functionality while also preventing any jerkiness when going from screenshot to video to screenshot.

5 - Within your knowledge base

If your knowledge base allows custom embedding, you could natively embed a fully automated tour, or shorter tours for specific steps. 

Alternatively, build a tour for an article using all timed tools and then record it so you can create short video tutorials within your knowledge base. 

6 - Mix automated sections of your tour with checkpoints

Split up your tour into sections and then add interactive tooltips between each as a way to check in with viewers on continuing the experience. 

This also gives you a way to gauge drop-off, track engagement, and provide a way for interested visitors to convert through forms or CTAs. 

7 - Turn automated tours into gifs for various channels 

To display a short demo snippet in an email or social post, record your automated tour and convert it into a gif. Then, you can easily use them in marketing emails, product updates, social posts, or as part of onboarding new customers. 

We love the gifski app for creating high-quality gifs fast and easy! Another option is giphy and both are free.

These are just a few of the ways you can use timed tools in your interactive or fully automated demos.

Take the tour to see Timed Tools live👇