The Power of Tourial Analytics

Andy Binkley
June 14, 2022

As marketers, we live and breathe optimization. When we run campaigns, create and distribute content, or enable sales teams, we crave data that tells us what’s working and what’s not  so we can improve incrementally over time. This includes tweaking copy, visuals, user flows, and also, evaluating the efficacy of the tools we employ (such as Tourial) to affect the biggest impact possible for our funnel and our brand.

The Tourial Analytics page provides users a single place to understand how their prospects are engaging with the Tourials they publish.

Users can access this data anytime, from any device, to dissect the way their prospects are interacting with their Tourials. These insights can shed light on levels of prospect intent, which parts of the story prospects are finding most interesting, and how effective Tourials are in driving conversions.

What metrics are available?

  • Total Impressions - # of eyeballs (regardless of interacting with the Tourial) that see the Tourial
  • Total Sessions - # of sessions that click into a Tourial (multiple sessions can happen by one visitor)
  • Total Visitors - # of unique people that click into a Tourial
  • Avg. time spent - Average time visitors spend inside a Tourial broken out by page and view
  • Avg. # of Pages Viewed - # of pages visitors move through while viewing a Tourial
  • Visitors vs Sessions Chart - # of visitors/sessions broken out by page and view
  • Mobile vs Desktop - # of visitors viewing the Tourial broken out by device type
  • CTA engagement - The number of clicks on any given call-to-action — this could be External Links (i.e. Request a Demo)  or Form Submissions

How can you use these metrics to gain insights?

Engagement Data

  • If the Sessions metric is roughly the same as the Visitor metric, then it's likely visitors are engaging with the Tourial only once
  • If the Sessions metric is a lot higher than the Visitor metric, then it's likely that those visitors are engaging with the same Tourial multiple times

Visitors & Sessions Data (Bar Graph)

  • Understand how and where visitors (buyers) are engaging with your Tourial (by Page or by View)

Time Spent On Tourial Data (Bar Graph)

  • Understand where visitors are spending the most time in your Tourial (by Page or by View)

Pro Tip: When buyers hone in on a single view, consider building a separate Tourial to go deeper for that part of your product.

Desktop vs Mobile Data

  • Understand what device your visitors are viewing your Tourial from

Pro Tip: If your mobile traffic is higher than 10%, consider building a mobile version of your Tourial.

CTA Engagement Data

  • Understand how visitors are interacting with your Tourial CTAs

The new Analytics page helps marketers Understand, Optimize and Validate. 


Engagement data helps you understand how your buyers are interacting with your product story. By viewing metrics on pages viewed and time spent per page, you can see where buyers are focusing their attention, where they are investing their most time and what parts of the story they are skimming or skipping past. This provides major value to your marketing team that is constantly looking for feedback on how your product story resonates with buyers in your market. 


With a better understanding of how buyers are interacting, customers can optimize their Tourials and the implementation decisions they make about integrating Tourial across their sales and marketing mix.

  • Tourials that are too long and complex can be simplified or broken into segments to be more effective with unique audiences or during specific stages of the buying journey
  • When buyers are getting stuck or dropping off in a single place, that part of the story can be improved upon (or removed altogether) to keep them engaged
  • When buyers use Tourials across their sales and marketing mix, they can review engagement data to tailor Tourials for each use case (i.e. shorter, mobile Tourials for outbound efforts versus longer desktop Tourials for post-demo follow-ups)

All of these optimizations result in an increase in conversions and higher returns for the investment and time spent building Tourials and implementing them across their strategy.


Finally, customers can use Tourial analytics to validate success of three important concerns:

  1. The success of your optimization decisions 
  2. The success of different types of Tourials across various use cases 
  3. The success of your investment in the Tourial tool

Hope that was helpful! For more info on our Analytics, check out the Tourial here, or reach out to your success rep for more info.