Announcing our New Builder!

Andy Binkley
October 17, 2022

Who’s ready to build a bunch of Tours? 🙋

With the New Tourial Builder, you can literally build dozens of Tours in a week.

Because as it turns out, the more Tours you have, the better performance you see.

No more one and dones. No more set it and forget it. With the New Builder, you can create Tours of all types and sizes at scale to distribute across all your channels, campaigns, web pages.

What changed?

✨ Tools are dynamic and templatized

✨ We added Modals

  • For Intros, Outros, and everything in between

✨ No more grouping!

  • Hotspots & Click Zones automatically come with a Tooltip that can be toggled on our off depending on your preference

✨ Your branding follows you everywhere

Your forms are global

✨ Preview mode is pretty sick

It just looks better … like way better


What happens to my existing Tours?

  • Don't worry, they're still there and can be edited in the legacy builder.
  • We'll also migrate your old tours.

How long will I have access to the previous builder?

  • About 6 months from this post. April 2023 is the earliest we'll update everyone to the new builder, and we'll provide notice to all customers.

Are you going to build them for me?

  • Keeping in mind some tools work differently, if we can rebuild them for you, we will!


  • Nothing changes there. You'll still have full access to analytics on all your Tours in the New Builder.

Do I need to reconnect integrations?

  • Nope! Existing integrations will work automatically.

Do I still have access to Tourial's legacy builder if I need to update something?

  • Yes! You can access legacy Tours and edit as needed.

The biggest takeaway: We want your feedback on the new builder to better understand what you like and prefer. And as always, we want to help you build MORE TOURS. Remember, more tours, better performance 😎