Capture all your screens in seconds with our Workflow Capture

Andy Binkley
July 11, 2023

Sometimes when you build an interactive demo, you know exactly what you want to build and you just want to breeze through it.

Before, you had to manually take a screenshot with our Chrome Extension each time. In some cases, that’s still important. But, for those times when you have your workflow planned and want to zip through, we’ve got you covered now.

Today, we’ve officially released our automated Workflow Capture capability for grabbing screenshots in one single recording.

No more back and forth between your app and our Chrome Extension.

Simply hit Start workflow capture and you’re off to the races. Every click is captured as a screenshot and videos are automatically captured too. That’s what makes it awesome: every scroll, typing, and drag n drop is recorded as a video.

So much less back and forth between your app and the extension.

Now you can double or triple the output of your demo production.

Bonus: you can start to use interactive demos across more use cases like customer success. In scenarios where you need really quick, one-off demos to send to a customer for a how-to or something related, simply pop into the app, record, and send. Sure, videos are still great for this, but there’s something about giving your customer an interactive experience to help them retain the information better and guide them through a workflow.

For a deeper look at the workflow capture, head over to our knowledge base for a detailed guide.

Cheers to many more awesome product updates coming your way in the future.