Drive 3x more engagement on your G2 & TrustRadius listing with interactive demos

Shonna Bairos
February 16, 2023

Buyers want actual product information where they’re already researching. This of course includes your website (and all those Product Tours you’ve already added to it), but what about outside your website? 

We know 84% of B2B buyers self-educate as much as they possibly can when evaluating software solutions (2022 Tourial SaaS Buyer Report). 

And a lot of that research happens on third-party review sites like G2 and TrustRadius, where researchers can read about real customers’ experiences with a software product. 

Software companies can’t rely solely on their website to provide the product information buyers are looking for. 

So now that G2 and TrustRadius provide a way for vendors to add Interactive Product Demos to their listings, it’s a no-brainer that you should run, not walk, and add your Product Tour.

It’s your opportunity to really show the value your software provides instead of just telling them. 

Benefit your buyer, and yourself:

  • Buyers get hands-on experience while researching, without needing to request a demo
  • You get to put your best foot forward and showcase your “how” 

The best part? If you’re not already a Tourial customer, you can get a Free Tourial Account to build an interactive tour and add it to your listing.

Request a free tour for use on G2 here, or get access here to add it to your TrustRadius profile.

Differentiate your listing and engage buyers

While every company will have product screenshots and some explainer video on their listing, interactive product tours stand out among the rest and encourage buyers to get a feel for what it’s like working in your platform — giving them that “how”.

In fact, early stats show that “prospects are 2-3x more likely to click on an interactive demo than on a screenshot or video” says G2 Co-Founder, Tim Handorf at a recent Modern Sales Pros webinar.

Tourial customers like Sendoso, Quantive, Lytics and more have already embedded their Product Tours, taking their G2 listings to the next level: 

While it’s free for any vendor to acces TrustRadius’ Interactive Demo feature,  a  G2 Essentials Plan or higher is required to embed a Product Tour on your G2 profile.

Take advantage of these new features and put your product in front of buyers in the same place they’re reading reviews and comparing solutions.

Take the Tour on Adding an Interactive Demo to G2.

Take the Tour on Adding an Interactive Demo to TrustRadius.