Introducing Tourials native Hubspot integration

Shonna Bairos
February 7, 2022

Every website visitor, lead, or prospect is unique, and some are more engaged than others. When someone views an Interactive Demo on your website (or anywhere), they’re indicating a higher level of interest than those who come and view a single page or watch a video.

In other words, they’re closer to conversion, and they're more ready to buy.

Today, we’re excited to announce our native HubSpot Integration that allows Tourial users to:

1. Connect HubSpot forms directly into their Tourial interactive demos to capture contact info when prospects are ready to convert.

2. Funnel engagement activity into HubSpot to nurture and accelerate sales cycles.

Impact multiple KPIs across your funnel

🧲  Convert more by connecting your HubSpot lead forms

The name of the game in conversion optimization is reducing friction. With the Tourial and HubSpot lead form integration, you can let your visitors convert directly inside your interactive demos. No more forcing them to leave the demo and having to visit a landing page to submit your form.

✅  Qualify better with lists and lead scoring based on demo activity

Using engagement activity as indicators for level of intent allows you to create more targeted lists and workflows based on demo criteria. Leads can be nurtured into MQLs faster through a HubSpot workflow, or they can be funneled directly to sales for a demo.

⚡️ Close faster with visibility into high intent engagement activity

Having engagement data readily available for sales reps enables richer conversations.

“What demos did they view?”

“How much time did they spend viewing?”

“Did they click around a lot?”

Knowing this info allows reps to start understanding the prospect before that first call and have more meaningful live demos leading to faster deal cycles.

OK, so how does it work?

1. Engagement Activity

When visitors view an interactive demo and start clicking through, this engagement data funnels directly into your HubSpot marketing automation platform (MAP) when the integration is turned on.

This engagement data is automatically tied to a contact record in HubSpot when a contact already exists.

But what if a contact record doesn’t already exist? The data is still saved to your HubSpot account, but won’t be associated with a record until that individual provides contact information (i.e. submitting some type of lead form).

Once there is a record to match the data with, all historical engagement activity will retroactively be updated and associated with that contact record. Voilà! 🙌

That means you can see things like how much time was spent on a demo, how many times they clicked, and how many forms were submitted all from the convenience of your HubSpot contact record.

See all engagement activity available!

2. Lead Forms

With lead forms, users can capture contact info directly inside a demo and funnel that form data straight into HubSpot to create new contacts automatically. In HubSpot, you can tag these leads, automatically add them to a nurturing campaign, or funnel them immediately to sales.

Learn how to connect your HubSpot lead form

How can you use this integration?

Even a simple buyer's journey requires nurturing to guide leads and pull them through the funnel.

Create more targeted lists

With the integration, users can manually or automatically build lists based on data collected from a Tourial lead form and engagement activity associated with specific interactive demos and contacts.

Accelerate your lead scoring

Maybe you create a lead scoring model that assigns a big boost in points for viewing a demo, or maybe viewing a certain demo qualifies them to be sent to sales immediately. Either way, you’ll be scoring leads at a much faster pace than ever before.