Interactive demo metrics your sales team needs

Andy Binkley
November 15, 2023

Not all engagement data is created equal. 1st party data is different from 2nd party data which is different from 3rd party data. They signal different intent. When it comes to interactive demos and demo centers, there’s almost no better 1st party data out there.

Interactive demos give visitors and prospects the ability to explore your product in a much more visual, immersive way. Video can also indicate a lot of intent, which is why having both formats are important for adding layers of engagement capture to your website.

Additionally, Demo Centers give visitors and prospects the ability to dive even deeper into their use case, problem, goals, etc. and give you more data about themselves and their company all while they receive a tailored experience.

Demo data: What demos did they engage with?

Prospect data for reps: What they are likely to be interested in

When we say engage, we don’t mean watch for a second then move on. “Engage” means it needs to be a meaningful amount of time spent in your demo. Anyone that does certainly has some level of interest or questions they’ll need answered around the feature/product they’re looking at.

Demo data: What topics did they engage with?

Prospect data for reps: What they are likely to be interested in

Similar to demos engaged, but topics can include any type of content (interactive demos, videos, pdfs, images, etc). Based on the amount of time they spent on a topic, we can infer that there’s a degree of interest here.

Demo data: What topics did they skip?

Prospect data for reps: What they’re likely NOT to care about

Prospects are also given the opportunity to skip topics/prompts. In the event this takes place, it’s implied that there’s a high degree of “not interested” from them.

Demo data: What topics did they NOT engage with?

Prospect data for reps: What they PROBABLY don’t care about

Different from the skip, these are topics they may have selected but didn't spend much time on (someone viewing a demo for 1 second, for example). They either aren’t interested, or the content needs work. Review the content for these topics to determine what might be going on here.

Demo data: What responses did they provide from the prompts?

Prospect data for reps: More clear indication into how interested they actually are, and more data on their business, pain, goals, etc

Regardless of engagement, the responses that visitors provide is very valuable data. Depending on how you set up your prompts and questions, you can collect rich discovery data and insights about what your prospects really care about, don’t care about, their pain, current solutions, business info, and much more.

Demo data: How recently did they engage with demos?

Prospect data for reps: Do they have an interest in something now?

Recent engagement means they have some sort of interest now. Don’t bombard them immediately with a “hey saw you were checking out our demo” message right away (unless you’re jumping into a chatbot within your demo), but if it makes sense to follow up with them because maybe they haven’t been engaged, then now is the perfect time.

Demo data: Are the demos contributing to revenue (directly or influenced)?

Prospect data for reps: Prioritize demo leads and get more stakeholders to touch the demos

Build reporting in your MAP/CRM to ensure you can see the impact that interactive demos and demo centers are having on your leads, pipeline and revenue. We hope you see some very positive numbers, and when you do, you’ll want to make sure you prioritize leads that are sourced through demos and try to get more stakeholder eyeballs on them throughout the sales cycle.

Demo data: What leads are sourced from the demos?

Prospect data for reps: These are higher quality leads, so prioritize them

There isn’t much content you can put out there that lets a prospect engage in a way that indicates a high degree of intent or interest. Demo recordings are one, but interactive demos and demo centers are right there. Why? Because it requires more effort than just scrolling through a website, skimming content, and downloading something that they don’t end up reading. Take advantage of these leads!