See the latest with our March Product Update

Shonna Bairos
March 30, 2023

Tourial Analytics, but with more insights

Analytics come with new pages so you can get the insights you need to make better decisions about your Interactive Demo strategy.

Understand overall performance for all your demos with the new Overview page and see total traffic, sessions, unique viewers and conversions at a glance.

Compare performance and conversions

View all your demos side-by-side and compare performance using multiple metrics. Then sort them by conversions or completion rate, for example, to find opportunities to optimize.

Know where most of your traffic is coming from

Gauge the success of certain channels as it relates to your Interactive Demo program. When one channel gets more tour traffic or new visitors than the other, it could be time to lean in further!

Segment performance with Tracking Links

Create unique URLs for the same demo to use and share across different channels. Then easily segment analytics to see how they're performing in those channels.

Other goodies and enhancements-

  • Connected forms now support hidden fields so you can track UTMs with any conversion
  • Form styling enhancements - now you have more options to customize your borders, buttons, input labels, and more
  • New form field type Email (Non-Generic) to limit submissions to business emails, giving you more flexibility
  • Toggle between different viewports so you can preview your demo on different screen sizes

Check out the Analytics Tour here!