Product Tour Marketing when budgets are tight

Jason Graub
February 10, 2023

Tech and marketing budgets are lean these days. So how do you stay efficient and productive despite that?

Leveraging interactive demos throughout your sales/marketing efforts is a great way to hit your goals even with smaller budgets and less headcount. 

As you consider how to leverage a tighter budget this year, focus on ways you can enhance current channels and campaigns more efficiently (especially when consolidating different content budgets). 

Focus on your core channels

Focus on the core channels that are already working well for you. With less time and capacity, prioritize optimization within proven growth channels instead of trying to experiment with something brand new. 

Typically, this includes your website, outbound initiatives, organic social, and maybe also paid ads. 


Make every visitor count. In this market you can’t afford to have a qualified visitor bounce or lose interest due to a poor website experience. 

The best thing about interactive demos is your team can build them without technical resources. They’re also super easy to implement with a CTA or other link inside your CMS. Even if you don’t have a web development team or the know how, make sure you partner with a Product Tour platform that can assist you and provide easy embedding options. 

We recommend linking to demos on your website or to a hub page housing multiple demos from any channel. Now, you’re driving prospects to your website where they can interact with relevant product content and easily take the next step (reply to your email, schedule a meeting, etc.).


If you have a smaller sales team than before and are relying more on automated sequences to continue driving growth, interactive or guided demos are a perfect way to give prospects relevant product information (even if you’re not able to completely personalize it for an automated email). 

Here's where linking to relevant product demos on your website comes in handy again!

Social (organic and paid)

We’ve seen upwards of 105% increases in conversions when visitors from organic or paid social channels land on a page with interactive demos. 

Those marketing $$ are precious — and you have to make every click count, especially in this current market.

This list isn’t exhaustive and every company is different, so check out other channels you can leverage demos on that may be more relevant to you.

Enable your buyers to sell internally

Once you have a buyer in your pipeline, use interactive demos to engage the economic buyers like a CRO, CFO, or CEO that you may not have had the opportunity to meet yet.  

These economic buyers are looking for every reason to say no. 

Help your buyers get buy-in from decision makers with your demos. These should be short and concise enough to communicate value without losing their attention.

Consolidate content budgets

Beyond where you can use them, another valuable way to leverage interactive demos is as a substitute for costly high-production product videos. 

Product videos can be a major value driver, but they are cost a lot of time, money, and resources. Plus, with the pace of product innovation they could be stale in less than a year. 

On the other hand, you could create amazing looking product tour experiences that are way cheaper per tour or video, and are easy to update when needed. 

If you have a big video budget this year, it could be worth looking into how you can consolidate with other content budgets and leverage interactive product demos instead! 

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