Let me tell you about "The Tourial Customer Experience"

Andy Binkley
October 10, 2023

Everyone says their customer experience is great. And a lot are. But most aren’t.

Want to know our secret? We focus on ROI first.

Not to say that you, the customer, aren’t important. You are. But you aren’t getting promoted because you chose a software vendor with a really nice customer success team. You’re getting promoted because you chose a software vendor that improved your conversion rates in 2 months, eliminated a lot of tire kickers from your sales team’s pipeline, and shed days or weeks off your team’s sales cycle.

I’m writing this to tell you (actually show you) just how great ours is. I will happily brag about our team, and here's just a little proof from customers.

Why such an investment in the customer experience?

Strategizing, building, implementing, and tracking Demo Centers and Interactive Demos isn’t easy. It’s still a novel concept that a lot of companies haven’t mastered.

We recognize this. It’s hard for us sometimes too!

You should not implement an interactive demo strategy without help.


That's why we invest in ROI for our customers. And it's paid off.

  • WorkforceHub – 34% win rate for Tourial-sourced opportunities (the highest of any sourced opps)
  • Quinyx – 400k in Tourial sourced revenue in 6 months
  • Winmo – Closed $80,000 deal sourced directly from interactive demos
  • Happy Cabbage – 32% more demo requests & 166% more inbound pipe
  • CINC – 200% growth in last two years influenced by interactive demos
  • Assignar – 33% of interactive demo leads scheduled a demo
  • Interplay Learning – Closed a $90,000 deal sourced directly from interactive demos
  • Aforza – Closed $1 million deal from an account-based interactive demo
  • BoostUp – 70% of inbounds viewed interactive demos before converting

Always make sure you choose a vendor invested in your outcomes and getting you the ROI you need to succeed. That's what we do.

Here are the faces behind our customer experience