Introducing the TourPlayer: Create custom multi-tour experiences

Andy Binkley
April 13, 2023

We've launched the TourPlayer!

TourPlayers are a frictionless way to get multiple Interactive Demos in front of your buyers even faster. Think of a TourPlayer like a hub of selected demos used to create standalone pages so your viewers can explore your product easier.

Deploy and launch your Tours faster

With the TourPlayer, you don’t have to go through the website page building and tour embed process if you don’t want to. And you don’t have to spin up a separate landing page just so you can add some demos to it for various campaigns you’re running.

Now you can quickly create a branded TourPlayer on your own custom URL within Tourial in just a few minutes. Then, depending on where and how you want to use it, simply add the link to your website's navigation, within an email, or any campaign channel really.

Maximize the Tour viewing experience

Buyers want to consume more than one demo and learn about more than just one feature/product. They need easy-to-digest information that'll answer questions and provide the information they're looking for before getting on sales call.

Rather than cramming too much information into one mega tour, users can segment features and products into several smaller interactive demos and serve them in a friendlier, more consumable experience.

What can you do with the TourPlayer?

Create custom experiences for target accounts

By choosing which demos you want to curate on a page, you can now enable your team to create custom experiences that can be leveraged for targeting. Think about when your sales team is working a specific account. Users can select the demos that are most impactful for that account (maybe this even includes pieces of a demo or pricing for reference) and send that page as a leave-behind in their follow-ups.

Your TourPlayer can be customized to address a contact's or account's specific pain point, problem or use-case(s) with just a few clicks.

Use it as an extension of your website

Without having to build a new page or layout in your CMS (or wait on another team/department to find the time), marketing teams can easily select the demos they want included, publish the page, and then add the page to your existing site.

Imagine adding a new "Demo Center" link in your main navigation menu that sends people to your hub of Interactive Demos where they can explore various products and features all in one seamless experience (boom!).

Send buyers to it just like a landing page

Outside of your website, TourPlayers can be used just like a landing page. Promote them within your paid media and various other marketing campaigns. 

Take the TourPlayer tour!