We've raised a seed round to unleash the power of Interactive Demos

Jason Graub
January 12, 2022

Today’s a big day. We’re incredibly excited to share that Tourial has raised $3.4 million in seed funding led by Bonfire Ventures to empower marketers everywhere to better tell their product’s story and drive more high-quality conversions, qualified pipeline, and revenue with Interactive Demos.

A gap in top of funnel product experiences

We all know that B2B marketing is constantly evolving. But, there hasn’t been a platform that’s evolved with marketers’ needs to create compelling product stories (read: A fluffy explainer video is NOT compelling).

When was the last time you went to a software company’s website and thought “Yup, I completely understand what they do and how their product works.”?

I can’t remember either.

When you visit a website or get a sales email, you’re given 3 options to learn more:

  1. Talk to sales for a live demo
  2. Watch a brand or explainer video
  3. Start a free trial

Here’s the problem: It’s a HUGE leap to go from checking out a video and some case studies to then requesting a demo or even starting a free trial.

Buyers aren’t ready for that commitment so it leads to poor conversion rates and less qualified leads making it into the sales funnel.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could give buyers an instant and crystal clear view into their future product experience?

Tourial, Interactive Demos, and Storytelling

Tourial enables a product-led marketing strategy to help address the disconnect between buyer and seller.

So what is a Tourial and where does it fit within the product-led ecosystem?

Tourial (noun) : A combination of the best parts of a “tour” and a “tutorial” that communicates a product’s story to an uninformed visitor to easily and quickly convince them to take a desired action.

We call these Interactive Demos and Product-led Storytelling.

OpenView's article written by Victor Eduoh discussed the value of a Product-Led Storytelling strategy for user acquisition. Now companies can leverage this strategy to build Interactive Demos for buyers so they can realize a product’s value on their own in only a few minutes.

This gives software buyers the clarity and confidence they need to take action quicker—leading to more pipeline generation, higher close rates, and shorter sales cycles.

Unleash your Product’s Story

The magic of each Tourial is far more than a simple click-through demo. Humans learn best through stories and narratives and each Tourial focuses on that story, enabling the prospect to experience it on their terms and at their pace.

In other words, you aren’t just dumping people into the product or showing them a passive, 1-size-fits-all video and saying “good luck” or “enjoy”.

Your buyer gains a sense of control. You gain their trust.

That’s what makes our Interactive Demos so powerful and effective at driving revenue.

Check out our Tour Page as an example!

And of course, our Interactive Demos are easy to build

Many marketing and sales professionals have endured the painstaking time of hacking together a click-through demo before. The hours of effort were worth the perceived value.

Now they can design even better experiences in minutes with Tourial’s no-code product storytelling platform.

You’re not building a demo or a demo environment. That’s overkill and often distracts from the story.

Tourial’s product storytelling platform combines the familiarity of a presentation tool with the power of a robust interactive design platform.

Now any marketer can tell their product’s story and arm GTM teams with the most valuable weapon in their arsenal.

Over the last year, we’ve had the pleasure of working with trailblazing software companies like DataRobot, Salesloft, Sprinklr, InsightSquared, TopHat, and Dun & Bradstreet to take their product storytelling to the next level on their website, through feature releases, and through other high-value channels and use-cases.

Check out our customer gallery for some of their Tourials!

Tourial and Interactive Demos are here

We’re incredibly excited to partner with Bonfire Ventures, as well as Knoll Ventures, SaaS Ventures, and TNT Ventures.

With this seed funding, we’re only just beginning the journey of product-led storytelling.

With Tourial, marketers now have the right platform to effectively inject a product-led strategy into their campaigns, website, or any other channel. And sales teams can leverage interactive demos in their outbound efforts and follow-up emails to accelerate demand and pipeline.

Every software company has a story to share. Now they have the platform to share it.