Gauge intent and drive pipeline with our new Pardot Engagement Data Integration

Shonna Bairos
March 7, 2023

People buy the products they understand the fastest. By the time someone lands on your website, they want real product information — not a bunch of marketing fluff that doesn’t really explain “how” a product works.

With Product Tours on your website, visitors that spend time clicking through an interactive demo or experiencing a guided tour are showing higher levels of intent.

Wouldn’t you want to know exactly when that happens?

We’re excited to announce our native Pardot Engagement Integration.  With Tourial Engagement Data automatically flowing into Pardot, you can drive more pipeline by: 

✅ Converting more qualified leads with your connected Pardot form
✅ Targeting campaigns to high-intent leads in real time
✅ Fueling lead scoring models with tour engagement metrics
✅ Notifying sales right when prospects engage with a tour

The more time someone spends on your Tour, the more likely they are to take the next step (like scheduling a demo or signing up for a free trial), so don't miss an opportunity to engage with them when they're showing high-intent.

Convert more with Tourial connected lead form

Using the Pardot lead form integration, you can let your visitors convert directly inside your Interactive Tour. They’re more likely to convert during or after engaging with your Tour than if you force them to a separate landing page (it’s all about reducing friction!).

Nurture high intent leads and fuel your lead scoring model

Using engagement activity as indicators for level of intent allows you to create more targeted lists and flows based on Tourial activity. 

Prospects can be nurtured into buyers faster using Pardot Engagement Studio to send follow-up emails with other relevant tours and product info, notify Prospect Owners, create Salesforce tasks, and more.

Using Automation Rules in Pardot, you can also score leads higher after they’ve viewed a Tour and completed an identified portion of it. For example, prospects that viewed Tour X and had a completion rate of 50-74%.

When 100 buyers with a  Product Tour and 53 of them complete it fully, you don’t just want to know who they are, you want to act on that information — whether it's by sending them additional Tours or product information relevant to what they just viewed, or by sending them directly to sales for follow up.

Encourage sales teams to act when someone engages with your Tours

Having engagement data readily available for sales reps leads to better and  richer conversations when they’re on a live demo.

“Which Product Tours have they viewed?”

“Did they make it all the way through?”

Having and using this data allows reps to start understanding the prospect before that first call to have more meaningful demos leading to faster deal cycles.

Prove ROI using Engagement Data

As your buyers engage with Tours, book demos, become opportunities and then customers, you need to be able to attribute that revenue to your Product Tours.

Maybe someone took a Tour and immediately converted using your connected form. Or maybe they engaged with several tours and came back a week later to schedule a demo.

Either way, that engagement activity is tied to each contact enabling you to see how much pipeline has been influenced by your Interactive and Guided Tours. 😎