Remove conversion friction with our native Scheduling Integrations!

Shonna Bairos
May 11, 2023

Here at Tourial, we believe in removing as much friction in the buyer’s journey as possible. We started with Interactive Demos, added native forms, then engagement data integrations, and recently announced our TourPlayer to enhance the viewing experience.

Today, we’re launching our next batch of integrations to remove friction in the buyer’s journey: Scheduling Integrations.

When your buyers are ready to book a demo and speak with you, it needs to be as simple and easy as possible. Especially when they’re showing high intent and engaging with your Interactive Demos. 

Instant Scheduling Integrations are now available for Calendly, Chili Piper, and HubSpot users to quickly add calendars to their Interactive Demo pages and TourPlayers in just a few clicks. 

👉 Take the Calendly Tour
👉 Take the Chili Piper Tour
👉 Take the HubSpot Tour

Easy calendar routing

If you’re using a round robin or routing feature in your scheduling tool, now it’s even easier to automatically serve the right calendar, for the right person, directly in your Interactive Demos. 

And, you can choose different events or routers for different Tours. You aren’t limited to just one calendar. 

So if you have an Interactive Demo geared toward a specific audience and only want to show a specific calendar, just add that event/router/meeting link directly to it. Simple!


Instant bookings in TourPlayers

Marketing teams implementing TourPlayers in nurture and paid campaigns can ensure there’s a way to instantly book with a sales member in the same place they land — no need to open a new page. 

And sales teams using TourPlayers in their prospecting are able to add their personal calendar. Prospects can check out the demos within your TourPlayer and easily book time with you right then and there (instead of looking for a link elsewhere).

Track scheduled meetings in Analytics

Any time a visitor opens a scheduler, those clicks are tracked within CTA Clicks in Tourial Analytics — whether it’s on a Tour or a TourPlayer.

Similarly, once a meeting is successfully scheduled, that submission is tracked as a conversion within Analytics.

Having both the CTA click and Conversion metrics for Calendly, Chili Piper, and HubSpot helps you see conversion trends for each Interactive Demo and identify dropoffs when people open your scheduler, but don’t complete a booking. 

Better experiences for your buyers. Better conversion rates for your Interactive Demos.