Unlocking Sales Potential with Tourial's Engagement Integration with Salesforce

Shonna Bairos
December 5, 2023

Interactive Demos enable your buyers to self-educate and understand how your product works, fast. With every click, view, and interaction on any piece of Tourial content, you can get valuable insights into the intent and interest levels of your prospects.

In addition to marketing automation integrations for demo data, we’re excited to share the latest Salesforce Engagement Data Integration. This integration empowers Tourial users to seamlessly send Tourial Engagement Data directly to Salesforce records. 

Empower sales with visibility into high-intent engagement activity

Tourial’s Engagement and Buyer Intent Data and tracks which prospects and accounts are engaging with your Interactive Demos or Demo Centers and how they interact with them.

Having this demo data accessible in Salesforce equips your sales team with valuable insights into prospect behavior (like how much time they spent, what content they’re interested in, and more) so they can act on those showing high-intent. Say a rep sent a Demo Center to a prospect as part of their outreach. When that prospect engages, that activity data is sent to Salesforce almost instantly. Now, they can quickly answer questions like “Which demos did they engage with?” or “Is there any content they skipped?” all from within Salesforce.

You could even set up instant alerts to Slack, for example, using Salesforce Flows.

Armed with this information, sales teams can understand prospects better and tailor their messages, leading to more meaningful conversations and even faster deal cycles.

Prioritize and further qualify accounts

The combination of individual prospect data and overall engagement from an account can help further qualify (or disqualify) an account. SDRs and reps can not only tailor their messages, but prioritize their outreach for those showing higher intent to buy. 

Using Tourial Engagement Data in Salesforce reports, teams can get visibility into how prospects view and interact with interactive demos and demo centers, whether from post demo leave-behinds or demos on your website. These reports can give a high-level view into performance by account and insights into what content is most interesting to different personas/industries/etc.

By empowering sales with actionable data, the Salesforce Engagement Integration provides a seamless bridge between engagement and conversion to customers. Learn more about interactive demos and demo centers: